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Total price $168.85

Product Description



Brand Name: abay


Material: Rubber

Origin: Mainland China

Brand Name: Pickyymay

Material: Rubber

Model Number: 0

Style: Other

Size: 900 x 400 x 4 mm

style: space galaxy

Feature 1: rgb mousepad

Feature 2: Non-slip

Features 4: mouse pad , gaming mouse pad ,computer mousepad

Features 3: mouse pad large , mouse pad gaming

Features 5: computer mouse pad big . mat for keyboard

Features 6: mat with backlight , mouse pad with backlight

Features 7: mouse pad led , mat computer , mouse carpet

Features 8: rgb mousepad , desk pad , mouse mat gaming

Features 9: Mousepad RGB , Mousepad LED


Purple Space Galaxy Clouds Mouse Pad RGB Mousepad LED Computer Speed Keyboard Gamer Table Carpet Backlit Pc Gaming Desk Mat Rug

1.RGB Colorful Light,RGB Adjust Light,Foldable,Power Off Memory Function

2.Durable Light ,7 Color,Cool Running Light

3.Fabric Weaving:

Surface delicate,smooth, stable operation, super cool for FPS games.

4.Non-skid Bottom:

Thick rubber bottom, stable

5.Overlocking Details:

Nice overlocking, neat work, uniform

6.Color Light Switch:

Swith different color light freely ,easy, smart.

7.Freely Switch Light:

Light button switch freely, separate USB cable design, unplug or long press the light button to turn on or off the light

8.Drive Freely:

Plug and play, USB interface connection

9. Buyer Show:

After sales service:

1.Smell problem:Because of heat transfer print, new mouse pad will have few smell, please put in ventilated place for some days.
2.Color difference problem:Any production process may led to small color difference problem.We try out best to do best.Please understand.
3.Size problem:Due to the thermal expansion and contraction of rubber, the thickness and length will have few difference, which can not be avoided.Please understand.
4.Contact us at the first time when there is any problem about goods quality, delivery etc. We will prodive best solution to slove the problem.
5.Please give us 5-stars good comments if you are satisfied . You will get a 1USD cash coupon which can be used for the whole store.

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