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Total price $179.85

Product Description



Brand Name: Kapalewaii


Material: Rubber

Origin: Mainland China

Style: Radiation Protection

Model Number: Mouse Pad

Style: Animated

Feature 1: Gaming Mouse Pad

Feature 2: Gamer Mouse Mat

Feature 3: Office Desk Mat

Feature 4: Computer Mause Pad For PC Gamer

Feature 5: Large,XL,XXL

Feature 6: Desk Mat

Feature 7: Table Carpet

Feature 8: Mouse Pad Company

Feature 9: Gaming Accessories


We are a team that has been making cushions for 60 years. We most pursue the highest quality. Our customers have very high evaluation on us. In the production process, we use the highest quality rubber, and customer satisfaction has always been our pursuit.

Different sizes will have different pattern effects. Please know in advance.



1.Refund or Replacement Service

If Any Quality Problem Or Not Received WithinTime Limit of Shipment, Please Do Not Hesitate to Contact Us

2.Delivery Service

After Order,We will Arrange Delivery Wihin 24 Hours,Except Weekeds&Holidays

3.Information Change Service

Change Address Or Design,Please Leave Correct Information Within 24 Hours

4.Card Sevice

(Like Birthday Card,Chrismas Card...),Not Charge Extra  Fee.Card Design Random. Leave Message To Us Within 12 Hours(Card Sevice)

5.Logistics service

Please Note That There is No Tracking Information for Economic Logistics,We also can not Receive Information.

You can Choose Standar Express If Possible.

One-time Wholesale Pieces of Large Mouse Pad, We Will Arrange the Fastest and Safest Logistics For You!

Need to Track the Logistics, please Leave Me a Message


Product Introduction:


1.Size Reference:

20*25cm Only Suitable For  Mouse

30*60/70/80/90  Keyboard&Mouse

40*70/80/90/ 50*100 Keyboard*Mouse*Laptop,Full Cover Computer Desk

2.About Material

Rubber Botton,ClothCover .Non-slip Waterproof Botton, Speed Surface.

3.About Smell

If A little Rubber Smell,Please Rest Assured,It is Non-toxic,Please Put it In The Air Some Days,It will Fade Away.

4.About Size

Due to Rubber Thermal Expansion And Cold Contraction,

Another Reason, For Different Batches of Raw Materials,

Error maybe within 1-1.5cm(Width/Length),Thicness Error 0.1mm. It is a normal Industry Error. If you mind, Please Do not Order

5.About Color

There Will be Color Difference in the Product Effect On Different Display Devices,

On the Other Hand,This is Printed matter, Slight Chromatic Aberrations are inevitable

But We will Keep the Chromatic Aberration To a Minimum,Restore the most True Color


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pad,gamer rug,mousepad xxl

XXL Chinese Dragon Mouse Pad Computer Mousepad Gamer 90x40cm Desk Mice Pad Locking Edge Mouse Mat Laptop Game Pads 500x1000mm









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