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Total price $159.85

Product Description



Brand Name: RANRZL


Material: Rubber

Origin: Mainland China

Style: Radiation Protection

Style: Anti-slip mat

Model Number: Mouse Pad XXL

Feature 1: Waterproof

Feature 2: Antibacterial

Feature 3: 100% Polyester

Feature 4: Support direct delivery

Feature 5: Support Wholesales

Feature 6: Support free return( part of country)

size 3: 800x400mm

size 4: 900x400mm

size 5: 900x300mmm

size 6: 800x300mm

size 7: 700x300mm

size 8: 600x300mm

size 9: 220x180mm


Product Description:
Picture customization-If you want to print your favorite pictures, please tell the customer service, we provide personalized customization of any size.
Things to know before buying:
During the production process, the pictures will be compressed according to the size you purchased. If you need to crop the pictures for printing, please inform the customer service

Stitched edges-our mouse pad uses colored stitched edges, so you won't experience any annoying wear and tear when playing games. The design on our mouse pad is printed on top of the stitched edge so that the design can be displayed smoothly to the edge without interruption or covering.(If you want other colors to stitch the edges, such as black. Please tell customer service)

Mouse pad material-we chose a polyester blend fabric that is not too fast or too slow. It is just right and provides smooth, centrally controlled glide.

Color-We strive to provide the most colorful prints. We use 6 colors for printing, while most competitors use 4 colors, and we use a proprietary blend of CMYK and neon colors to create the widest possible color gamut.

Printing process-Our mouse pad is printed and produced with the help of hot pressing and dye sublimation, which is the process of converting solids into gases. The high temperature of the printing press turns the ink into gas and bonds with the smooth polyester material that forms the top of the mouse pad, so you don't have to worry about the design peeling off or fading.

Mouse pad size-the bottom of the mouse pad is made of rubber, which will expand and contract when heated by the machine during the manufacturing process. We usually use rolling packaging. After long-distance transportation, the size deviation is 0.5-2cm, which is a normal phenomenon.

Mouse pad smell-After the mouse pad is heated by the machine during the production process, we will pack it immediately for fast delivery. It will inevitably store some rubbery smell, which is harmless to the human body. Please feel free to use it. You can put it in a well-ventilated place, the smell will disappear soon.


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