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Total price $113.65

Product Description


Brand Name: MORUDA

Origin: Mainland China

Type: Half-wrapped Case

Design: Plain

Design: Geometric

Design: LOGO

Features: Anti-Fingerprint

Features: Anti-Scratch

Features: Dustproof

Features: lightweight

Features: Matte/Anti-Glare

Features: Non-Slip

Features: Water-Resistant

Compatible Brand: APPLE

NO_NAME_246679250: iPhone 14 Pro Max

Features: Luxury plating 3D Phone Case for iPhone 15 ProMax

Features 1: Metal Hollow Out Gothic Skull Phone Case for iPhone 15 Pro Max Plus

Features 2: Personality Carving Cover for iPhone 14 Pro 13 12 11 ProMax

Features 3: Luxury skeleton Skull Case for iPhone 13

Features 4: Shockproof Back Cover for iPhone 11 12 Pro Max

Features 5: Camera full Protect Hollow PC Phone Cover

Features 6: Acrylic Lightweight Case

Features 7: Anti-Fingerprint Phone Case

Features 8: High Quality Shockproof Phone Case

Features 9: For iPhone 14 15 ProMax Phone Case

Features 10: For iPhone 13 Pro Max Case

Features 11: For iPhone 11 12 Pro ProMax Cover

Features 12: For iPhone 15 Plus ProMax Phone Cover

Features 13: For iPhone 13 14 Pro 14 15 Plus Cover

Features 14: For iPhone 14 13 12 11 Case

Features 15: Ghostface Phone Case For iPhone 11 Pro Max

Features 16: 3D Ghostface Case for iPhone 14 ProMax

Features 17: Luxury Ghostface Cover Case

Features 18: Dorpshipping

Features 19: Retail Wholesale

Color: Purple Blue Gold Silver Black

Choice: yes


This is the product introduction, if you have any questions, you can leave a message~ Thank you
Features:  Luxury hollow skull 3D Phone Case
Function:  Non-Slip + Anti-Fingerprint + Anti-Collision +  Water-Resistant
Material:   Plating PC
Attention Attention >>> 
! If you have any questions after receiving the case, please contact us as soon as possible.
! We will deal with the message as soon as we see it and give you a satisfactory result!
! Please don't open disputes easily, business is not easy, be merciful!
! After receiving the package, if you are satisfied with the product, you can give a good review.


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