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Product Description


Brand Name: eMastiff

Origin: Mainland China

Model Number: Camera1/Camera2

Certification: CE

Smart home platform: NONE

Battery: NO include 2xAAA

Usage: Indoor or outdoor

Type: Simulation Camera

Feature 1: Fake Camera With Flashing Red LED

Feature 2: Dummy Camera Security

Feature 3: CCTV Fake Dummy Security Waterproof Camera

Color: Black

IR Led: Flashes every 1 seconds

Material: High quality ABS plastic

Camera1 Dimension: 100x100x60mm

Camera2 Dimension: 17cm x 13cm x 8cm

Plastic Smart Indoor/Outdoor Dummy Surveillance Camera Home Dome Fake CCTV Security Camera1 with Flashing Red LED Lights

Blinking red LED in 2-3 second intervals

No wiring needed

Installation screws included

Required 2*AAA batteries (not included)

Plastic housing with fixed 45º angle

Size: 10*10*6cm

Package Size: 10.5*10.5*6.3cm

Installation Method:

First fix the screw hole position on the wall to be installed, then drill 2 eyes with the impact drill at the fixed screw hole position, and insert the expansion screw to install the fixed hemisphere type simulation monitor!

Simulation Monitor: A fake monitor that mimics the shape, pattern, and working style of a real monitor.

It can be very effective to install one or several simulation monitors in supermarkets, hotels, parking lots, libraries, offices,warehouses, bazaars, parks, residential areas, or some prominent locations where necessary. Earthquakes and deter thieves or lawless elements, so that they dare not approach!


1 x Fake Camera1(2* AAA Batteries NOT Included)

Fake Camera 2 Dummy Bullet Waterproof Outdoor Indoor Security CCTV Surveillance Camera Flashing Red LED

Product Description:

Use for both indoor and outdoor

Saving your money.

Blinking LED and realistic wiring makeit appear to work as a real security camera.

Deter theft, robbery, and vand

Easy and quick to install - no wiring needed.

Wall mounted bracket and fixings.

alism from your home or business premises.

Battery installation:

Open the battery lock and insert 2x AAA batteries (not including )in the correct battery compartment positions .

Close the batterylock

Always dispose of old batteries responsibly

Open the lens with a screwdriver screw, take out the battery box ,

Package Content

1 x Fake Camera2 (no 2pcs AAA battery)

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