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Total price $169.85

Product Description


Brand Name: olevo

Material: Rubber

Origin: Mainland China

XL Black Background Abstract Gaming Mousepad Game Large Mouse Pad Gamer Computer Desk Mat Soft Laptop Notbook Mousemat PC Carpet


1. Mouse pad is made of natural rubbers instead of reclaimed rubbers.

2. Gorgeous colors and the HD effects make sure it won't lose the fidelity. Our mouse pads are so much better than the average batch printing mouse pads that they can be washed over and over again and still stay in the original color.

3 .Although they don't have stickiness of the reclaimed rubber mouse pads, the underside of our mouse pad has high coefficient of friction so that they can grasp any kind of desktop.

4. The color of the surface won't affect the precise positioning of the fidelity mouse. Besides, the pad is soft and elastic; it's comfortable to use as well as protect your wrist.

5. Our mouse pads can be personalized; you can choose your own favorable picture to print.

L(600mm) x W(300mm)x H(2mm)
L(600mm) x W(350mm)x H(2mm)
L(700mm) x W(300mm)x H(2mm)

L(700mm) x W(400mm)x H(2mm)

L(800mm) x W(300mm)x H(2mm)

L(900mm) x W(300mm)x H(2mm)

L(800mm) x W(400mm)x H(2mm)

L(900mm) x W(400mm)x H(2mm)

Please email us before leaving any negative feedback or open dispute. Please give us the opportunity to resolve any problem.

1.Size may be 0.5-2cm inaccuracy due to hand measure;
2.Please note that slight color difference should be acceptable due to the light and screen.

About Shipping -

1. Item will be shipped within 2-3 working days after we received clear payment.

2. Please make sure your shipping address before purchase, item will send to the order address.

3. All items will check carefully before sending out.

4. Our prices do NOT include any custom duty or tax.

5. Item ship on weekdays only and we cannot offer Saturday, Sunday or holiday delivery.

6 Delivery Tiem -. Note that delivery times may vary.

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